The cement industry is witnessing a tremendous growth rate owing to the massive demand for urban infrastructure.
The Cement industry is not the same anymore. Much more than just a building material, cement is now being re-looked upon as a vehicle for change – a change towards stronger and more durable construction. Major cement companies across the world have contributed their R&D efforts into creating cement that is technologically far superior to its older form.

With the massive demand for urban infrastructure in all countries of the world, especially in high-density countries like India, there is enormous scope for cement companies like JK Lakshmi Limited. Today, it makes a lot of sense for an engineer or a management graduate to carve out a career in the cement industry.

Talking specifically within the Indian context, the construction industry is undergoing a major phase of transition. Due to this trend, there has been a massive impetus on construction inputs such as cement and concrete.

Some of the factors driving this superb pace of growth are:

  • The urban housing sector is expected to require investments to the tune of US$25 billion over the next five years.
  • New Delhi, the capital of India, is home to the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
  • Metro rail networks and major expressways are coming up across the country.
  • The Government has an increased focus on developing the urban infrastructure in a big way.
  • Over $5 billion have been allocated for urban Infrastructure to be spent in the next four years.

Come…be a part of the cement revolution!