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Vaastu is an ancient Indian science that works on the principle of Panchbhootas, a term referring to the five basic elements of the universe: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Vaastu is a science that attempts to achieve a synergy across all the five elements in such a way that the abode becomes favourable to its inhabitants.

The optimum use of Vaastu concepts can help one achieve an atmosphere at home that is physically comfortable, emotional soothing and intellectually vibrant.

We have compiled a few Vaastu tips that you can use to enhance the positive effect of elements in various rooms of your home.

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  • East is the most auspicious direction for entrance to a house.
  • The slope of the property should be from west to east or south to north.
  • Shadow of a tree should never fall on the house.
  • The north direction represents prosperity, and should never be blocked.
  • Cactus plant should never be grown in the house.
  • All doors should open towards inside.
  • Door hinges should be noiseless.
  • Columns in a building must be placed in even numbers in any construction.

With the help of Vaastu, one can find out the most appropriate directions for the various components of a typical household. The objective of Vaastu is to achieve a perfect sense of balance between humans and nature.

Vaastu is a precious compilation of concepts and ideas that consider the affects on human life and dwellings of various natural phenomena such as:
  • Earth's gravitational force
  • Sun's heat, light and infra-red radiation
  • Volume and intensity of rainfall
  • Direction and velocity of wind